"Old School Values, New School Knowledge"


Computer Repairs Gold Coast

Gold Coasts PC Repairs has been around for more than 20 years. Our experts provide quality repairs, affordable prices and exceptional customer service. 

 We offer all our clients same-day repairs and can even travel to you for no additional cost.

Laptop and Apple Mac repairs are our specialty...

Computer Repairs In Gold Coast

Common repairs

Laptop Repairs at Gold Coast PC Repairs

  • Screens replaced replaced overnight
  • We only use genuine manufacturer screens
  • Hard Drive
  • PC repairs
  • Computer repair
  • Data recovery
  • Virus removal and or protection
  • Power connectors
  • Wireless modules
  • Keyboards
  • Batteries
  • Insurance claims
  • Water damage or spills
  • Malicious damage can be fixed
  • Upgrades
  • Migrating to new machines
  • Minor soldering jobs loose connectors
  • Overheating issues

Let us have a look first

Gold Coast PC Repairs Technician fixing laptop

It costs you nothing for us to evaluate your computer and give you a report, then you can decide what happens after that. We have fixed thousands of computers since 1988, we are not just a repair business but much more. 

Our experience brings with it an ability to keep the price low for a quality result, we also do not overcharge, all our pricing is fair and reasonable to achieve a win-win for both us and our client, we care about our clients and their computers.

We aim to surpass the features supplied by your product developers and provide insight into how we can make your PC, Laptop, MAC and/or Network the best it can possibly be. Feel free to ask us to evaluate your current technological setup and we will be happy to provide advice free of charge. 

Apple MAC Repairs



MacBooks, we love them! They are well made, strong and sturdy, well worth the repairs most of the time and easy upgrades to make them ultra fast. Call us for free quote.

iMac Repairs


We are certified to carry out all repairs on your iMac at a 2/3 the price of Apple. Our parts are genuine and warranty supplied for 12 months on parts and labour.

Apple Upgrades


All your Apple MacBook or iMac usually need is an SSD upgrade replacing the old Hard Drive. 15x Faster than hard Drives. All your data and programs moved across, done within 5 hours.

Knowing Our Clients



We get to know our clients and whether they are a home user or small business we always endeavour to help them achieve there goals that they need their computers and software to do, sometimes we attend jobs for a defined issue and end up refining their system to suit them or their business in a much better way, saving them time and money.


Old School Values

We live by Old School values, the new way of things is not our way, we combine old school business with new school technology, the best of both worlds.


Why Call Us?

Over 20 years Experience, Qualified in all areas of Computer repairs, Mac repairs and PC repair on the Gold Coast


Privacy Policy

Gold Coast PC Repairs never collects information or provides online tech support due to security concerns. As cyber security engineers we endeavour to protect our clients at all costs. The only way to contact us is via phone, email or direct visitation at our office.