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"Old School Values, New Skool Knowledge"

"Old School Values, New Skool Knowledge"

"Old School Values, New Skool Knowledge""Old School Values, New Skool Knowledge"

Insurance Reports

The worst can and will happen when working with any electronic devices. So you have to be prepared with an insurance policy which covers your devices. You never know what can happen. A storm may hit while you're out and you've left your PC plugged in and the whole computer is fried. Or the inevitable case that one of the kids is watching something on your laptop drinking a cup of juice until... oops.. you know what happens next. When this happens not only are you risking being without such a valuable possession, but also be unable to recover personal data.

At Gold Coast PC Repairs, we are certified technicians that can help you to both get your insurance claims approved for the proper like for like value that the device is worth and also provide services to restore data from irreparable computers. Unfortunately, today insurance claims are harder to get and take longer to process than ever before. Just putting in a claim for an incident is not enough to get your money back on expensive devices such as laptops, PC's and Mac's. Instead, insurance companies require a full damage report from certified computer repairers to verify the extent of the damage, the cost of repair (if repairable), or cost of replacement.

We are able to provide detailed reports which are perfectly written to meet all the requirements of insurance providers. This gives you guarantees that you will get the full deserved value out of your claim and no mucking around on the insurance companies side. We have a 100% success rate with client insurance reports and are confident to say, if your claim is denied, then our report will be free of charge. 

Finally, these events can happen without warning and your data may not be backed up. In 90% of cases, we do find that your data can be recovered and restored onto another device. As a part of the quote we can incorporate the option to recover your precious documents, pictures and videos, and then restore them onto the device of your choice (New Computer, repaired computer or external hard drive).

Insurance Report For Storm Damage